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May 16, 2020 - genral

Traditionally the removal of hair has been a female concern. However, in recent years many men have also become more curious about the topic of laser hair removal.

Male hair removal was initially considered mainly for sporting reasons, but within the previous couple of years, many men have begun to consider removing their hair for health or cosmetic reasons. Many men who would once are willing to measure with excessive amounts of hair are now ready to consider permanent hair reduction methods.

Currently, within the US laser hair removal is licensed only as a way of permanent hair reduction (as against permanent hair removal.) for ladies this will often be an excellent disadvantage where completely smooth skin is that the desired outcome. However, this is often not true for men. Typically men are seeking a permanent reduction within the amount of their hair instead of full complete removal. This is often particularly true for men attempting to treat their back, chests, stomachs, and arms.

Laser hair removal works best on patients with pale skin and dark hair. This is often an equivalent for both men and ladies. People with skin types I and II and with dark hair usually get the simplest results. Only the foremost modern machines are ready to treat very blond or gray hair.

Women most often seek treatment on the armpits, bikini lines, and lower legs. Men typically request treatment on the rear, chest, and stomach. Due to the very fact that these areas are larger than those treated for ladies longer per session could also be required which may make treatment costlier for men than for ladies.

Men even have higher levels of testosterone which may stimulate additional hair growth. This will mean that they often require more treatment sessions than women, again meaning that treatment could also be costlier and time-consuming than for females.

Men do however gain additional benefits over those experienced by women. Shaving or waxing large parts of the body may result during a sizable amount of infected hair follicles also as extensive shaving rashes. Not only this, but it’s a time consuming and dear procedure to endlessly repeat shaving or waxing. Laser hair removal completely eliminates the matter of infected and inflamed hair follicles which may be both painful and unsightly. It also can reduce the number of times a person must visit the hairdressers as layering the hair on the neck reduces the frequency of haircuts.

When considering laser hair removal costs the future costs of waxing must be taken into consideration. Although it’s going to be the case that laser treatment is costlier initially, the continued costs of waxing should be considered. It’s going to rather be the case that laser hair removal is really cheaper within the long run.

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