Quick tips to help you pick up the right lipstick shade for yoursel

May 27, 2020 - Uncategorized

Lipsticks come in an endless palette of options which makes it pretty overwhelming for the customers to choose the perfect shade for themselves. So here are few tips for you, which would help you to select the ideal lipstick shade depending on your skin tone. This way, you would be ensured that your lip shade is matching your skin tone, occasion, as well as your outfit. Let us get started right away.

Determining your skin tone
Learning your skin tone is the first step when it comes to choosing a lipstick. It helps you buy shades which would not look too dull on your skin or too bright either. The common skin tones are deep, tan, medium, light, and fair.

� Deep
If you have a deep skin tone, purple and brown shades like blue-based reds, wine, caramel, and plum, would look the best on your lips. You can go for nude and bold colours as well if you are attending a party or a meeting. Use Noon coupon codes to bag exquisite lip shades at jaw-dropping prices.
� Tan
Women who have tan skin tone would rock bright red hues, deep pink, and coral shades. They should refrain from applying purple and brown shades. In case you want to attain a gothic look, you can try for dusty purple, deep blue, and black shades. You can even apply a mixture of dark and nude lipstick. Apply the darker shade of lipstick on your lips and then add a bit of nude colour in light shade on the centre of your lips and buff it out to the extremes.

� Medium
Shades like mauve, cherry red, berry, and rose would look gorgeous on women who have medium skin tone. In case you are wearing a heavy outfit and want to stick to minimal yet an eye-catching shade, you can go for bronze or copper shades. This would help you to stand out from the crowd. Buy the suitable lipstick shade from popular brands using Noon coupon codes.

� Light and Fair
Women with light or fair skin tone have a great advantage. Almost every lipstick shade looks good on them. They can choose from a wide range of red shades, nudes, peach, coral, light pink, soft mocha, and more. Light and subtle hues would look good when you are going out in the day. If you have a late light party to attend, the bold shades of red will look mesmerizing.

These points will come handy next time when you go for your lipstick shopping. Flaunt the best lip colour and grab attention from everyone at the next evening party or formal gathering.

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