The Squabble Between PlayStation 3 Vs Xbox 360

October 9, 2020 - General

The Squabble Between PlayStation 3 Vs Xbox 360


If you are a serious console gamer, then you are most likely to choose between these Goliath’s of the video game industry. For years, even before either of these were released, biter squabbles raged over which was better, or which had the best games. Today, several years after the release of both, people can’t help but discuss which   360 filming    they prefer. I know people that couldn’t decide between them, so their answer was to just buy both! But for most people, that is a luxury that they can’t afford, bringing us neatly back to our age old squabble, which is better, Sony’s PS3 or Microsoft’s Xbox 360?

In the following article we will try to compare them in several different categories, whilst trying to remain unbiased. But ultimately only you know which you prefer, so which do you think?

So your stuck, you want to buy a games console but you’re stuck between buying a PS3 or a Xbox 360. Well let’s look at them under certain categories.


Money! Usually the main reason why people choose between the two. The price of both consoles has fluctuated over the years since each came out. Though this has been made a bit more complicated by the fact that you can buy different versions of each, which contain a differing size of hard drives.

Currently here are the versions that you can buy for an approximate price at today’s prices;


160GB…………..£196-230. ($318-374). (€230-270)
320GB…………..£240-270. ($390-440). (€282-318)

Xbox 360

4GB……………..£120-180. ($195-292). (€141-212)
250GB………….£160-190. ($260-310). (€188-223)

Prices obviously vary from shop to shop, and currency to currency, and you can buy console bundles with certain games included for slightly more. My advice would be to shop around and find the best price/bundle for you!

But what are you paying for?


This category is pretty important if your a gamer, and these two next generation consoles don’t disappoint. Both offer amazing graphics, often leaving you awestruck at some of the fine detail that you can see in game. But which console has better graphics than the other? Well fanboys from each side will claim that theirs is the best performing. Sony has often been credited as having more superior graphical output, but that is unfortunately not true! But before the 360 fans cheer, neither has the Xbox360. It’s pretty much a dead heat in this category. Games developers will testify that the XBox 360’s Xenos GPU has more computing power than the PS3’s RSX GPU, so therefore it should offer slightly better graphics, but the difference is hardly noticeable and is often affected by other factors. These include the TV that you are playing on and simply the quality of the game that you are playing.

Despite original misconceptions, both consoles tie in this category.


So apart from the obvious games that you can buy and play for the named console, what else can you do with it? Well let’s look at each console separately;

PS3 Media

The PS3 offers backwards compatibility with both PSX and PS2 games, allowing gamers to play their old games. The PS3 supports Blu-Ray and DVD, which means that the console can double as a Blu-Ray player allowing you to watch films in full high-definition. You can also listen to your music by playing you’re CDs on it. Due to the massive amount of hard drive space available, music, films, photos, etc can all be uploaded and stored for later viewing. The PS3 is online and has an integrated browser, so as long as you have access to broadband connection, you can surf away on most websites on you’re tele. And if you own a PSP, it has an interconnectivity feature allowing you to download/upload between the two.

Xbox 360 Media

Well, maybe I should have written about this one first! Additional media isn’t the 360’s strongest selling point. You can play old Xbox games on the new Xbox 360, but you have to save them to the internal hard drive, which means that you can’t just insert the disk and play, as it is not compatible. You can play your CDs on it. When the 360 was originally released, the whole Blu-Ray vs HD DVD was going on, and the 360 plumped for the later. It was a gamble that didn’t pay off for them since Blu-Ray won, therefore you can’t watch blu-ray films on your 360. But, is that really so much of a problem? You can still watch DVDs on it and the switch over from DVD to Blu-Ray is pretty slow, whilst a blu-Ray film is currently considerably more expensive. The 360 is online but doesn’t have an unbuilt browser. It does allow you to chat with your mates on MSN though.


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