Services Provided by Home Care Agencies

November 21, 2020 - General

Services Provided by Home Care Agencies

Due to illness or age, there are times when the responsibilities of life become too much to handle. No matter the reason, there are services that can step in and take over some of the non-medical tasks that someone needs in order to allow them to remain living   Best Hospice Care in Los Angeles    in their own home and retaining their freedom. These home care agencies offer a variety of services.

Senior Assistance

Age is a factor that does not automatically mean someone needs to live in a nursing home. One service offered by non-medical companies is senior assistance. They come out to assist with everyday activities that may have become challenging for their clients. They assist with things like cleaning. In some cases, they also run errands such as shopping. Additionally, many will cook simple meals that can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer. Also, your older family member can enjoy having someone visiting them on an almost daily basis. This gives you peace of mind that if something happens, someone is there to contact emergency help and you when necessary.

Illness and Injury Recovery

As with senior assistance, some home care agencies offer services for someone who is recovering from an illness or injury. While helping to keep the household projects from being overwhelming, these technicians also offer a way to make it to doctors’ appointments or therapy sessions. While running errands and assisting with daily tasks, the client can worry about getting better instead of how the house looks.

Health Aides

Some services send a health aide along with their homemaker assistant. These technicians are trained and qualified to provide health-related service. They offer services like assistance getting in and out of bed, walking around the house, and bathing. Health aides, while not registered nurses, are trained to recognize situations in which medical assistance may be necessary.


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