Mini Truck Parts – Find the Parts You Need With One Click  

November 26, 2020 - General

Mini Truck Parts – Find the Parts You Need With One Click  

Mini truck parts can many times be difficult to find depending on what your particular need may be. Most local parts stores do not stock, nor can order parts for Japanese mini trucks. That leaves many owners of these trucks spending a lot of time searching    online, and making phone calls trying to find the parts they need.

If it is a part that is not frequently replaced as part of preventative maintenance such as an oil filter, air filter, brake pads, etc. The part may need to be ordered from overseas. Due to the cost of shipping and downtime while waiting for your part to arrive it is best to avoid any confusion with your order. Be sure to have all of your questions answered up front when ordering your mini truck parts. If you do happen to receive the wrong part you may still be required to pay shipping so it is very important to avoid errors when ordering. The following information can be very helpful when trying to locate the parts you need. Sometimes the information can be difficult to locate.

Vehicle Manufacturer (Name should be in several locations on truck)

Vehicle Model (If not on outside, see under passenger seat)

Vehicle Year (Usually stamped at bottom of the seat belt)

Vehicle Serial Number (Serial number under driver seat for Suzuki, Mazda, Daihatsu, & Mitsubishi; number on side passenger kick panel on Honda and Subaru mini trucks)


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