Online Bill Payment Services – The Wave For Merchant Retailers, Cheap Phone Cards

January 7, 2021 - General

Online Bill Payment Services – The Wave For Merchant Retailers, Cheap Phone Cards


Prepaid Cellular Are A Smart Choice!

There are huge demands for prepaid services all over the world, somewhere in the neighborhood of 120 million prepaid cellular and long distance users in North America along. The growth of the pre-paid wireless industry has been truly astonishing, and there is no end in site. In Europe, over 75% of all cellular phones are pre-paid. With the   Mepco Online Bills Payment    high deposit costs required to get a non pre-paid cellular phone, many people simply have not been able to afford to get one and penalties for the people who can afford cellular phones, if service is canceled. Pre-paid is the answer.

Your Customers Prepay and Never Get Overcharged.

Wireless with no contracts or monthly fee, your customers take control of their cell phone usage with Prepaid Cellular Service.
-Budget minded cell phone users
-Emergency users
-Parents who want their kids to stay in touch without the worry of running up a bill
-People with some damaged or no credit history

Prepaid cellular services are getting very popular these days. Many people now prefer prepaid services since they offer a variety of advantages related to lifestyle and cost control that simply are not available through post-paid contract based services.

Prepaid cell phones have a distinct advantage over regular subscriptions. They offer cost control with a fixed price per minute, control over costs with cell phones distributed by parents, no credit check and increased anonymity.

Increasing Consumer Demand For Prepaid Cellular

Prepaid cellular services are currently the fastest-growing segment of the wireless phone market, perhaps because wireless service can be started up with no subscription fee for well under $100. More and more people are using this service to control spending than to get around credit problems.

In Europe, already more than 60% of subscribers are on a prepaid wireless plan, while in the United States, only 8 to 10 percent of users have chosen that system. But it’s growing fast: In Canada, for example, some providers see their prepaid subscribers base increase 50% faster than those of an ordinary monthly billed service.

Prepaid Cellular Phones Are Ideal In The Following Situations:

* If your customers want to budget their cell phone use
* If want a phone for occasional use but don’t want to pay a monthly service fee or enter a long-term agreement
* If have no credit history or past credit problems
* If usage varies from month to month
* If want to buy children a phone for emergency use but restrict the amount of calls they make, or
* If are looking for a gift


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