Broaden Your Interests With Foreign Subtitled Films  

January 8, 2021 - General

Broaden Your Interests With Foreign Subtitled Films  

Foreign film seems to be part of an industry geared towards a certain demographic of movie lovers, to be more specific, the indie/artistic/intellectual type. This, however, is not true. Thousands of films come out of Bollywood and Europe every year, not all are entirely Oscar winning productions, but that also doesn’t mean they’re not worth seeing. There could be a Chinese Superbad we’re missing out on because of    Séries Netflix  our assumptions on foreign films. How can we all enjoy these films? It’s simple. Subtitles make it easy to follow and enjoy this foreign entertainment. We take it for granted, but subtitles are a great tool in helping and encouraging us to broaden our interests in film and culture.

Let’s also not forget how important it is to use subtitles to our advantage in discovering beautiful and popular languages. The English language is quickly spreading to every corner of the globe, but there are many instances where it is a necessity to be fluent or even just familiar with multiple other languages. Being ethnocentric never did anyone any good and it certainly won’t move us ahead in the future with this global economy. By watching foreign language films with subtitles you won’t even realize you’re having a learning experience because you’ll be so engrossed in the interesting cultural aspects, unique plots, and the engaging scenery and ethnic flare to each film.

It’s exciting to speculate how this world economy will affect the film arts and what we view in theaters and on the television. For now, the fact remains that presently our assumptions will remain barriers until we wake ourselves up and realize that it doesn’t take a movie connoisseur to read subtitles and enjoy a film. So like the old saying goes, assuming makes a something out of you and me, and falling into the misguided trap that foreign subtitled films are for some kind of elite or posh film snob is just denying yourself from some great movies out there. Foreign films with subtitles are a thing to be taken advantage of. I encourage everyone to experience different cultures through the ease and comfort of subtitles.


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