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Welcome Back, Husky Football – Washington Takes Off the Training Wheels and Thumps Stanford 27-9

All things considered, Dawg fans, would you say you are started up at this point? You ought to be. Washington went to Palo Alto (CA) and put a 27-9 whipping on Stanford Saturday (11-3-07) to end Washington’s 6-game losing streak.

The Huskies at last worked up to the next level of their bike and told us the best way to ride The Cardinal into the turf. The Cardinal is a truly strange moniker for an American school football crew; it alludes to-in all honesty the shade of their shirts and not some bird zooming around Palo Alto.

I think that it is unusual that The Cardinal is likewise consistently alluded to in the particular rather than the plural, as, “here comes The Cardinal” as the players surge onto the field.

In spite of all of the discussion about Stanford being Washington’s most vulnerable rival since its season opening 42-12 triumph out and about at Syracuse, The Cardinal bombshell USC 24-23 out and about. The Huskies lost to USC 27-24 at home.

I anticipated that later Washington’s misfortune to Oregon it would beat Arizona. The Huskies beginning 22 then, at that point, speedily went out and lost to the Wildcats 48-41 in Husky Stadium. So I was a game off.

What Washington did to Stanford merited the pause. For openers:

1) Senior full back Louis Rankin scrambled for 255 yards and a score, the fourth best surging exhibition in school history. The Husky hostile line recovered some proportion of pride as Rankin arrived at the midpoint of 7.1 yards per convey.

I think a great deal of us recollect Corey Dillon’s 259 yard surging execution against Oregon in 1996. Fortunately, I am not mature enough to recollect record-holder Hugh McElhenny’s 296-yard exertion against Washington State in 1950.

2) Freshman Jake Locker added one more 97 yards at 6.1 yards per convey. On the way, he broke Dennis Fitzpatrick’s 1974 record of 697 yards by a Husky quarterback. At the point when the game was finished, Locker had 791 yards this season with 4 games left to play.

3) The Huskies stacked up 388 net yards hurrying and 151 yards passing (16 for 32, no scores and 1 capture) for 547 absolute yards on offense. The guard surrendered 234 absolute net yards. สมัครบาคาร่า

4) Washington had 33 first downs (25 racing) to Stanford’s 15, and ruled the clock with 35:46 season of ownership to Stanford’s 24:14.

5) Loyal fans have been standing by the entire season for the Husky guard to ascend and appear as though the Huskies of the brilliance years under incredible Head Coach Don James and Defensive Coordinator (and later Head Coach) Jim Lambright.

That second came in the second quarter with Washington driving 10-3 and Stanford on the Husky 2-yard line following a Louis Rankin bungle. On first down, the Huskies pushed Stanford back a yard.

Stanford’s second endeavor to score was halted when senior linebacker Trenton Tuiasosopo stood up Stanford’s ballcarrier, junior cornerback Byron Davenport flew in and punched the ball free, and senior security Mesphin Forrester recuperated.

So, the Washington Husky group met up unpleasantly and protectively against Stanford. At the point when I anticipated later the Oregon misfortune that the best was on the way I was not just composing inspirational statements.

At some point or another, as day follows night, the unpracticed players become more experienced and perform better.

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